Options for Associates

Option 1: Associate may celebrate Eucharist with the sisters at any time and is invited to profession and jubilee celebrations, funerals of sisters, missioning, and covenant ceremonies of new associates.

Option 2: Associate enjoys the spiritual association and is connected with a local community of sisters and other associates who meet regularly for prayer, sharing and meals. Associate may serve on some committees in the community, and/or may be involved in the ministry of the sisters.

Option 3: Associate(s) and sister(s) live the Franciscan lifestyle in community. Again, the associate may be involved in the ministry of the Congregation.

Associate Leadership Team Members Responsible for Associate Formation Program:

Judy Hofman Sr. Eileen Kazmierowicz
945 Shepherd Drive 4909 West Edgerton Ave. Apt.310
Fostoria, Ohio 44830 Greenfield, WI 53220
419.619.1425 Cell 414.817.1002 Home
419.937.1053 414.421.0690 Work
hofjnr@bright.net eileen@st-alphonsus.org
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