About Associates

Associates are Christian men and women of diverse lifestyles who share the call to the Tiffin Franciscan spirituality, charisma and mission. We strive to live simple, gospel lives following the examples of Francis and Clare. In our own daily lives, in our parish communities and in partnership with the sisters, we pray and work in the areas of justice and peace, service to the poor and stewardship of God’s creation.

Associates make a renewable commitment to the community. We have the option of living independently or in community with other sisters and associates. Many associates participate in small gatherings with other associates and sisters for prayer, discussion, service and social activities.

Associates are financially independent of the community but may choose to support the community and its ministries through monetary donations and time commitment.

Associates are invited to contribute to congregational life in many ways such as committee work, community days, and discussion and support of corporate stances.

We gather together in community with sisters and associates whenever possible to share the richness of our diversity and to support and strengthen one another in our efforts to be faithful to the gospel.

As Franciscans, our lives focus on three great loves: the Incarnation of Jesus, which reveals the goodness of all creation, the Passion of Jesus, wherein we discover the immense love and compassion of God, and the Eucharist, by which we are united with the whole Body of Christ. Our response is a lifestyle characterized by contemplation, humility, simplicity and on-going conversion. Our diverse ministries are marked by a Franciscan appreciation of the integrity of creation, peacemaking, concern for those who are poor and the need to balance action and contemplation.


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