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Mission Statement: My mission is based on our Franciscan values and is rooted in our directional statement, namely, Care of the Earth. It is rooted in the understanding that soil is the skin of Earth. Soil is alive with tens of thousands of species whose relationships with one another provide the very sustenance for all who call Earth home. Just as Francis and Clare treasured all of creation as brother and sister I commit myself to protecting her and teaching others about caring for her.


1. To use my expertise to educate others about the importance of a healthy soil that will provide for healthy people through good food and at the same time provide for a healthy Earth.

2. To use my expertise as a sustainable farmer to grow healthy food to sell in local markets.

3. To use my expertise as a sustainable farmer to work with/for other businesses or organizations who are committed to growing a sustainable Local Food Movement.

 Toledo Grows March 19, 2016

Sr. Rita -2

Sr. Rita is a full-time Urban Farm and Facilities Coordinator for the Toledo Botanical Garden/Toledo GROWs program. She is responsible for developing and overseeing  all food growing operations and building/property maintenance of the Robert Anderson Urban Agriculture Center, the headquarters for the Toledo GROWs program. She assists with the program’s mission to provide support and education to gardeners in our community, assisting them with sustainable growing practices.

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