Jubilee Celebrations

The Tiffin Franciscans celebrated anniversaries of Sisters’ profession of vows at evening vespers on June 26th followed by a festive dinner. 

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Celebrating 60 Years

 Sisters Dionne Sartor and Margaret Verhoff

Sisters Marcella Herman, Marie Reinhart, Lucy Bonifas, Barb Babione, and Theresa Kehres 

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Celebrating 70 Years

Sisters Patti Langenderfer, Charlene Young, and Mary Ann Lucke

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Celebrating 75 Years

Sister Ruth Johnson with Community Minister Sister Sara Aldridge


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Project Peace working to create a culture of peace



On January 11, 2015, the anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo 11 years ago, Josie Setzler and Sr. Paulette Schroeder participated in a demonstration in Washington D.C. with Witness Against Torture’s campaign: “From Ferguson to Guantanamo” and “White Silence=State Violence”.  The video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFrvXLGlaek&feature=youtub.be shows two U.S. senators in the Senate Chamber along with activists’ voices from the demonstrators saying, “Torture!  It’s official now.”  In the visitors’ chamber of the Senate are shown demonstrators dressed in orange and black hoods, representing the 122 men still detained in Guantanamo.  They fasted and prayed for a week and called upon lawmakers to exercise justice toward those detained.  The video’s creators hope it promotes understanding of the work being done to promote justice for the detainees.  Demonstrators, including Josie Setzler, were arrested and will be tried on June 22, 2015.

The National Conference of Catholic Bishops shared a teaching on nonviolence in their pastoral letter, The Harvest of Justice is Sown in Peace:

“As The Challenge of Peace observed, “The vision of Christian nonviolence is not passive about injustice and the defense of the rights of others.”  It ought not be confused with popular notions of nonresisting pacifism. For it consists of a commitment to resist manifest injustice and public evil with means other than force. These include dialogue, negotiations, protests, strikes, boycotts, civil disobedience and civilian resistance. Dramatic political transitions in places as diverse as the Philippines and Eastern Europe demonstrate the power of nonviolent action, even against dictatorial and totalitarian regimes. Writing about the events of 1989, Pope John Paul II said,

It seemed that the European order resulting from the Second World War . . . could only be overturned by another war. Instead, it has been overcome by the nonviolent commitment of people who, while always refusing to yield to the force of power, succeeded time after time in finding effective ways of bearing witness to the truth.

These nonviolent revolutions challenge us to find ways to take into full account the power of organized, active nonviolence…”  (Read the entire pastoral at: http://www.usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/what-we-believe/catholic-social-teaching/the-harvest-of-justice-is-sown-in-peace.cfm.



Hunger Strike


Come to DC for Torture Awareness Week:  WAT Members on Trial for Witnessing in the Capitol

Join Witness Against Torture (WAT) in Washington DC during Torture Awareness Week (June 21 to 28, 2015) for the trials of WAT members who were arrested on January 12 for witnessing in Congress.  Twenty-two people spoke out on behalf of those who have been detained, tortured and murdered by our government, in two different places in the Capitol.   Details of the trials are below.

The trials are timed to coincide with Torture Awareness Week, when WAT traditionally gathers in support of Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition, Inc (TASSC), whose members — torture survivors from all over the world — come together for solidarity and advocacy.  The week culminates with the TASSC vigil on Saturday in Lafayette Square in front of the White House.  Join us for all or part of the week!  We’ll be at St Stephens Episcopal Church.  Contact Helen Schietinger to sign up (h.schietinger@verizon.net).


Senate Gallery Trial, 9:30 a.m. Monday June 22:  Eleven WAT members were arrested after their witness in the Senate Gallery on January 12.  They were responding to the Senate’s Torture Report and the continued suffering of our Muslim brothers at Guantanamo.  Their message was US Torture: It’s Official. Prosecute Now!  Waterboarding: Its Official. Prosecute Now!

Where: Courtroom 116, Superior Court of the District of Columbia, 500 Indiana Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20001


Visitors Center Trial, 2:00 p.m. Thursday June 25:  Nine people held a Teach-In in Emancipation Hall at the US Capitol Visitor Center on January 12.  Their banners read  From Ferguson 2 Guantánamo: White Silence =  State Violence and We Demand Accountability for Torture & Police Murder.   Their goal was to link mass incarceration at home and indefinite detention overseas and impunity for police murder and for CIA torture as dual dimensions of a system of state violence rooted substantially in racism. They were arrested and charged with Incommoding and Unlawful Demonstration.

Where: Courtroom 120, Superior Court of the District of Columbia, 500 Indiana Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20001


To learn more about Project Peace, visit http://tiffinfranciscans.org/project-peace/

Toledo 13abc News features Sister Rita Wienken

Sister Rita Wienken was recently hired by the Toledo Botanical Gardens and is serving as the Urban Farm and Facilities Coordinator at the Oneida Street campus, in downtown Toledo. She keeps busy growing almost 10,000 veggie plants for the community gardens, a plant sale in May for a fund-raiser for Toledo GROWS program, and to give away to people in the neighborhood. “We service 121 community gardens and also support a job coach program for young male offenders coming out of the prison system,” said Sister Rita. “We are a staff that works hard together and supports one another in the mission and vision to provide educational as well as physical support to those community gardens who are supplying food and education to the people who need access to fresh veggies the most,” she added.

Sister Rita also operates close to an acre of veggie crops that are sold at the Market Stand on Thursday. The extra veggies are also given to area soup kitchens, sold to area restaurants, etc.

Thank you Toledo Channel 13abc – WTVG for sharing this video!

Restoring Possibilities Program at Padua Center

Padua Center

Miss Nancy Young, an associate and retired TPS teacher, instructs a child in the “Restoring Possibilities” program.

The “Restoring Possibilities” program, a program for expelled children at the Padua Center in Toledo, Ohio where Sister Virginia Welsh is the  Executive Director. The program is designed to work one-to-one with the expelled child. Since January they have serviced six different children who would otherwise spent their days out of school with no academic progress noted. Five of the students have returned to their respective schools and their have been no further incidents with these children.

To learn more about Padua Center click here

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